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Ariana Agrios
United States

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Columbia University SOCHUM-Religious Freedom The Islamic Republic of Pakistan Ariana Agrios and Carmelina Palmer

Religious Minority for Religious Minorities Though Pakistan has walked a rough line before when it comes to its policy positions on religious freedom, both its initial history and recent political updates indicate a desire to protect religious minorities. With the first woman from a lower Hindu caste to be elected to the parliament, Pakistan must again turn its policy back towards religious protection (Masood, Salman NYTimes). The Republic of Pakistan seeks to re-address the issues sustained under the last UN Resolution on Freedom of Religion and Belief and create compromise that allows for the continuation of a culture of a religious majority within a nation like itself without harming religious minorities. Past resolutions have ignored large problems, produced vague answers, and proposed solutions targeted only for predominately non-Muslim nations and Pakistan desires a more thorough and inclusive resolution for this body. Pakistan particularly seeks to issue protection for women and children of minority rel...