Human Rights Council


Thomas Verkooijen

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Oslo International Model United Nations 12th February – 14th February 2016

Committee: Human Rights Council Topic: A) The Human Rights of Human Rights Defenders Country: República Portuguesa (Portuguese Republic) University: Maastricht University / UNSA Maastricht Delegate Name: AJ Verkooijen (Thomas)

The protection against the violation of the Human Rights of Human Rights Defenders has been on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) agenda for many times over the past years. Nevertheless, the problem and with it the underlying issues –such as restriction of Freedom of Speech and attacks on Physical Integrity- are not solved yet. Therefore, the UNHRC should continue paying attention to this subject and secure full support and protection for Human Rights Defenders as they play a key role in the implementation and promotion of Human Rights in all countries according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As a ...