High School General Assembly 3


Antonio Javier Chávez Rodríguez
Bolivia, Plurinational State of

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General Assembly 3: Disaster Risk Reduction: building more resilient societies

Republic of Cuba

Today more than ever, us as human beings, are and must be responsible for the preservation of this planet and of our own well beings; since at this moment of history we have in our hands more knowledge, more access to any sort of information than ever before and we have the resources and all the doors open for us to do it, all of this should allow us to be able to be helpful and give all the benefits we can offer as individuals, to our society and the environment. The hurried development of a lot of areas and industries, that had to come along given the proportionality according to the necessities of men and women around the globe, has brought and given us lots of benefits, but at the same time, a lot of risk factors have come with it putting us in risky situations and exposing us to unfavorable conditions. Adding all of this, to the natural phenomena and other situations that our actions have led us to, the result hasn’t been good at all, being it disasters that truly affect our society economically and socially, affecting the ways the managemen...