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Xi Jinping President of the People's Republic of China

OPEC controls oil prices through its pricing-over-volume strategy. The oil embargo shifted the structure of the oil market from a buyer's to a seller's market. This affected directly many other world powerful economies, such as ours and made us dependent of the globalization of oil prices.

Nearly 30 cooperation documents, notably including several energy deals, were signed between China and Russia on September second of this year, where I myself and Mister president Vladimir Poutine were present at the signings due to the importance of these deals. The deals are estimated to be worth around $1.4 billion. One of the most notable deals was a framework agreement for Russia's second-biggest gas producer to obtain a 9.9-percent stake in China's Silk Road Fund's Yamal Liquefied Natural Gas project. Russian oil company Rosneft also signed a framework agreement with ChemChina to buy a 30-percent stake in the Chinese company.

The great number of energy deals has been attributed to China's need for natural gas and oil supplies to keep its fast-growing economy running, and by so, becoming less dependent of the petrodallar.

This economic strategy of investing in Russia opens new market grounds for the Chineese growing economy which faces great dangers with the decreasing market of both the EU and the USA and the loss of ground due to the crisis in EU.

Leading our great nation for further investments in other continents such as Africa and Australia and focusing more on the developing countries helps us keep the ahead of other competitors.

Geng Huichang : ministre de la sécurité de l’État. Ayant une position économique dominante dans le monde et une force industrielle inégalée , la Chine est aujourd’hui une superpuissance qui fait face à de multiples menaces de sécurité venant de pays concurrents .

Ce n'est pas la première fois que des avions étrangers s’approchent de près de la Chine pour une mission de surveillance. Après la fin de la guerre froide dans les années 1990,la surveillance de la Chine a été renforcée par l’utilisation de la reconnaissance depuis l'espace par satellite et par technologie radio . Que ce soit a Dalian sur les côtes Nord à l'île de Hainan au Sud, ou en de diverses zones cotiéres de la chine, des avions et des navires de guerre étrangers se dissimulent. Une surveillance étroite qui ouvre sur la Mer Jaune, la Mer de Chine Orientale et la Mer de Chin...