Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Nikita Sule

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Committee: Organization of Islamic Cooperation
Country: State of Kuwait.
Topic 1) Islamophobia.

Kuwait as a country is actually experiencing this form of racism, but is keeping full awareness of this as it is taking place in many parts of the world. Even though it is not having any direct contact with this fear in the public's mind for the Muslim community, the county's expats are being treated the same way as the others belonging to the Islam community. The idea of Islamophobia is not triggered in the mindset of the Kuwaiti's but the fear is multiplying day by day and not having people to see where this Islamic resident is from. All they think is that this community is dangerous. Many countries in the world have been gone through terrorist attacks which has led to the fear of this religion. The extremist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, have not only brought up the fear of them over people's mind but also made all the followers of Islam a dangerous individual, not keeping in mind how their actions have led others to suffer. The Muslim's living in the west have been the once who have suffered a lot. From being removed out of their workplace to being banned from enteri...