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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Country - Mexico Delegate - Raphaëlle RIPOCHE

Mexico is committed to look for global solutions in order to assure prosperity in the future. As a founding member of the United Nations, it is attached to the central principles of the organisation. The challenges of human -and in particular children- trafficking and issues related to drugs are to be dealt with with a collective responsibility. Not only such crimes affect the lives of many individuals but they are also a major obstacle to the sustainable development of countries.


Hunan trafficking is a global issue that ties into modern-day slavery. Being a source as well as a transit place and a destination for human trafficking, Mexico is one of the countries that is the most concerned by the issue. Numerous trafficked people are taken away from their native Latin America countries (Honduras or Argentina for the majority), and reach North America after having transited in Mexico. This highlights the importance of not only domestic policies but also international cooperation in tackling such a crime.

Mexican women and children -and, to a lesser extend, men- are exploited whether within or outside the country’s borders. The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America (CATWLAC) reported that around 1.2 million people were victims of human trafficking in Mexico, among whom at least 16.000 children (UNICEF estimation). They are lured by fake promises of better livelihood, false employment opportunities or deceptive offers of romantic relat...