Conférence de Paris 2015 sur le Climat


Malek Ayari

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Delegation: Colombia Mr Achref Bousleh-social delegate :

Nowadays, climate change presents a threatening phenomenon to all human kind.In fact, it affects the quality of human life and put him under pressure before taking any decision; where to build a house ? Where to spend the holidays ? Where to start a farm ? And when to water the crops ? These questions may seem easy to answer, in fact, they are ,but when trying to bring them to reality,we face a lot of difficulties, especially when we live in a coastal country like Canda, the United states or Australia which faces the threat of the rising in sea level , or such as China,Japan ,Mexico and Colombia which not only faces floods but also has to deal with the earthquakes. Hence we ought to let down the quick fixes and start thinking about long-term solutions in order to save millions of human lives and give them the chance to have a better life .

 According to  the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) , of all Latin American’ countries , Colombia is the most vulnerable  to gobal climate change.In fact, most of of its population live in the Andes and on the coast which make them prone to flooding .For instance, With the expected rise in sea level (may be caused by the increase of temperature) , Colombian government has declared that millions of inhabitants have been at risk of exposure to flooding in coastal zones and The infrastructure , along with the precarious settlements, may be affected (according to the  IPCC 4th Assessment Report, 1.0 m would permanent flood 4,900 km2 of low lying coast. About 1.4 million people would be affected ). All of that would affect the quality of life of the colombians leaving in the coast and detoriorate their living conditions,especially the poor, who most of them live in coastal areas. Furthermore, the country has a high incidence of extreme events with growing emergencies associated with climate...