Conférence de Paris 2015 sur le Climat
Russian Federation


Donia Hamada

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Environmental delegacy



Russian Federation

UN Climate Change Conference

Climate change has, undoubtedly, affected in multiple unpleasant ways planet Earth. So, as a strong and powerful country, The Russian Federation needs to stand out and take part in such an important move to try its best and contribute in the rescue of the environment. It is not only a duty but also a commitment, we owe this to the present and future generations. And there is no other way in achieving this than working on it together, as nations. It, however, needs long term sacrifice that we are willing to make; and legitimate decisions that we are also willing to take. Although Russia is going through a severe economic crisis, our country is determined to focus on leading the world towards better and healthier ecological conditions. We consider these actions as a challenge that we will be honored to take since Global warming has been one of the biggest issues of our era and humanity's most inevitable enemy. As Russian Federation, we are closely witnessing Climate Change, considering our geographical location, and we are totally aware of the change that has occurred dduring the last few decades, it is massively dangerous. Therefore, as an out come from the "Lima Call for Climate Action", The Russian Federation has deeply studied its needs about taking crucial decisions in its INDC. Furthermore, these has resulted in working on reducing GHG emissions by 25-30% from 1990 levels by 2030 intending to also attain a reduction of 15-25% from 1990 levels by 2020. Hoping to reach the aim of low-carbon development to achieve the long-term objective of the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius, Russia is working on fulfilling its goal.

It is becoming clear that the environment ...