CCPJ - Commision on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Korea, Republic of


Alina Kaufmann

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Country: Republic of Korea

Committee: Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice ( CCPJ)


1. Protecting victims of human trafficking in conflict and post-conflict situations

2. Measures against cyber warfare

Delegate: Alina Kaufmann

Topic 1: Protecting victims of human trafficking in conflict and post-conflict situations

Human trafficking is a serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently. Even though a lot of progress has been made over the last decades, it is still a prevalent issue in much of the world, even though the problem is often overlooked. Tackling this issue is of utmost importance, as human trafficking violates the basic human rights of its victims. Furthermore human trafficking often leaves devastating emotional, physical and mental effects.

It can be difficult to accurately assess the true size of human trafficking, because it takes place hidden from sight. Furthermore countries like the United States no longer give estimates about the number of people trapped in human trafficking which makes it even harder to figure out the scope of the issue. Nonetheless, what is known about the problem is already atrocious enough to know that the problem has to be solved as soon as possible. The most common form of human trafficking (with 79%) is sexual...

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