G 20
South Africa


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Committee: G20

Country: South Africa

Represented by: Emma LE TRAOU-COVAREL


TOPIC A: Ensuring food security and food supply through the cooperation of States and Organizations


The Republic of South Africa is the first agricultural power of the African continent. However, due to exceptional drought since 2015, the agricultural sector is in crisis. The issue of food security is increasingly important, especially as a section of the population has poor access to food and is already suffering from malnutrition. In order, to strengthen its development, food and nutrition security is on top of South Africa’s political agenda.

With the end of the Apartheid, the Republic of South Africa has introduced strong economic and social reforms. With the lifting of embargo measures, South Africa set up a Liberal agricultural policy based on an absence of regulation and the opening to international trade. However, to ensure the country’s unity, it was crucial to combat inequalities between white and black peoples. One of the major issues was the repartition of the lands, knowing that in 1994, 60&n...