David Kölük

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Topic A: Enhancing the protection of persons fleeing gender related persecution

Topic B: Assessing the effectiveness of cash-based interventions 

Enhancing the protection of persons fleeing gender related persecution 

All around the world, millions and millions of people are being forced to leave the sanctity of their homes, for to a number or reasons; mainly the fear of imminent life-threatening danger. It has come to a point where they have no other option but to leave their countries, in pursuit of safety. From the 65 million people who had to flee their homeland, 12% of all asylum-seeking women fled on the basis of gender related persecution. However even though so many distraught women are forced to flee their homes, because they are being persecuted by certain individuals in their country, mainly their family members, the term gender related persecution is not a legal term nor does it have any legal value in many countries. 


The story of the young girl named Malala struck a deep and solemn note in our lives, which resounded far and wide and stilled the clatter and traffic of twenty-first century life in so many countries. She had been denied basic human rights by a viscous terrorist group. However, the brave girl still stood in front of the United Nations and told her story about gender related persecution. A story which was heard by millions and but one which millions of other girls have also experienced. The United Nations and the UNHCR have tried hard to help so many people ...