UN HABITAT (Intercon)


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Although the effects of climate change have increasingly been visible in the last hundreds of years, global water management has been slow to adapt. The lack of emphasis water management is given in international forums and discussions remains incomprehensible to Sweden, given that it is not only a small number of nations that will suffer the consequences, but also many countries in the Global North.
            In fact, Sweden has experienced first hand what it means to have water problems: Usually not the first place one might think facing a water crisis, since 2017 Sweden has been struggling with very hot and dry summers, and a shortage of rainfall in the winter. As a result, groundwater levels in larger repositories are currently "significantly lower than normal" in about a third of the country, according to the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) and "lower than normal" in another large stretch[1]. Unfortunately, things could get worse before they get better