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Lynne Masaki

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A: Addressing the Gender-Related Digital Divide

The modern society exists at the mercy of communication tools, nothing works without IT technologies, all of our economic systems depend on the web network. Humanity has known from the 20th century an extraordinary expansion of economic growth by using the Internet. 

However, in such a globalizing world, Cuba represents a particular case. In this communist state majority of the population could not access freely to the Internet.  [1]

The history of Cuba well-known with its leader Castro, stranded in the way of capitalism for a long time. After Castro’s death, a negotiation between the United States has started, but Cuba turns down to accept democratic values, and it continues to maintain its closed economy.

Firstly, the Cuban Internet system occupies a crucial role in this topic. [2]

Cuban society needs an immediate politic reform to facilitate the distribution of the Internet. Everyone suffers from the difficulty to obtain an Internet connection.

Most of them go to a public area or a wifi cafe, but the quality of connection stays bad and slow. 

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