Human Rights Council (ENG - Beginner/Intermediary)


Erika Salas
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

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Country: Iceland.

Topic A: Statelessness of refugees and migrants.

The delegation of Iceland feels that in this days and age, the concept of statelessness human beings should be left to history books, however, in 2019, over  10 million people do not have a territory representing and defending their rights to a citizenship, plus all the others related to it. This does not include the massive quantity of refugees we can see today. Cases like Syria, where more than 20 million citizens are subjective to the verges of fleeing, states not being recognized nor protected like Kurdistan, asylum seekers that are not being treated as a human beings, just for not having in their hands a paper validating their international status, it’s unfair and totally against the aim as representatives of our countries. For better or for worse, the Icelandic delegation, in concordance to the morals and valu...

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