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Committee: G20

State: India

Delegate: Karolina Bilikova

Topic A: Ensuring food security and food supply through the cooperation of States and Organisations


According to UNICEF (2018), over 820 million people in 51 countries are facing food insufficiency. The food production is highly affected by recent changes in the world such as rising urbanisation or climate change. These changes will lead to increase in food prices which will highly affect especially the vulnerable areas of this world. Even though overpopulation and on many places unsuccessful food production are seen as the main cause, Amartya Sen (1997) oppose that it is rather the bad distribution of food and resources than their insufficiency.

In India over 200 million people are undernourished, despite the Indian agriculture growing (Sofi, 2018). India is home to the largest population of undernourished people and is ranked 103rd (out of 119 countries ranked) in 2018 Global Hunger Index with a score of 31.1, which means that the issues with undernourishment in India are on a serious level (Global Hunger Index, 2018). Indian government implemented a system of Ration Cards which makes poor families or individuals eligible to supply o...

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