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Noor Rinkes

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The right of people to self-determination

The right of people to self-determination is a very controversial topic. On the one hand, self-determination can unite oppressed groups but on the other hand, it can spark hate in society. Self-determination is broadly defined as people choosing their own form of government, choosing how they will be governed and choosing their political destiny. Self-determination was recognised as a fundamental human right in the UN charter of 1945. However, this does not state how it should be decided. What is tricky about this topic is that people who feel they share the same identity lobby for self-determination and to separate into a state where they can choose the form of government they desire. The trouble is that there are many different ways to define identity and if everyone who felt they shared an identity split off into a separate state because of the right to self-determination, the number of states would drastically increase. Self-determination is often associated with conflict simply because the government of the existing country does usually not agree with the change and the state is still favoured over group...