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Korea, Republic of


Dean Drori

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Position paper – The Republic Of Korea


Topic A: Reforming the WTO

The Republic of Korea, as a member of the WTO, is honored to be a part of a vast majority of EU countries and other WTO members raising a proposal for concrete changes to overcome the current deadlock in the WTO Appellate Body. Without this core function of the WTO, the world would lose a system that has ensured stability in global trade for decades. Now, together with a broad coalition of WTO members we hope that this will contribute to breaking the current deadlock, and that all WTO members will take responsibility equally, engaging in good faith in the reform process. The WTO dispute settlement system with its Appellate Body has been key to the security and predictability of the multilateral trading system. Without a proper system of enforcement, the multilateral rules can no longer work effectively. If no solution is found to address the current deadlock on the appointments to the Appellate Body, the whole system is ...