Security Council (ENG - Advanced)


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Committee: United Nations Security Council

Topic 1: Private warfare as a threat to international peace

Country: Germany

School: Gymnasium Neubiberg

Delegate: Mariela Havenstein

The changing nature of warfare and the need for faster and more adapted military responses due to concerns of efficiency in fighting conflicts result in a widely increasing privatization of the industry, which leads to rising numbers of mercenaries and private military security contractors (PMSC), the latter having gone up by 41 percent from 2008 to 2010 according to Sean McFate, author of “The Modern Mercenary“. The problem such entities pose is that they are not controlled by the philosophy of an army or driven by the mores of patriotism but are instead fueled by the desire for profit, which can result in breeding endless war. Especially recent events like former mercenary-army Blackwater founder Erik Prince proposing to US-President Donald Trump to replace American soldiers with mercenaries and privatize the war in Afghanistan last year or him planning to deploy a private army to topple Venezuela’s socialist president Nicolas Maduro according to the Reuters news, are examples that imply an international regulation on not only contracting States but also on the aforementioned actors to secure international peace and security.

“PMSC [Private Military and Security Companies], in their search for profit, often neglect security by putting their employees in dangerous or vulnerable situations which may ...

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