Security Council (ENG - Advanced)
United States


Liam Green

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Committee: United nations Security council (UNSC)

Allocation: United States of America

Delegation: Sorbonne ONU


Topic 1: Private Warfare as a Threat to International Peace

Current situation:


“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their mind to be good or evil” This quote is from Hannah Arendt a famous American philosopher.

The United States of America strongly believes that while article 47(2) provides a clear definition in regards of what is a mercenary, it is necessary to efficiently make a distinction between private military and security companies (PMSC) with mercenaries in order to successfully regulates theirs actions and use.

We can see due to the numbers of mercenaries use in past armed conflict that the PMSC’s are essential and vital to preserve peace and we consider unthinkable to forbid their services since it’s a major factor in armed conflict.

However, there are issues with the use of those mercenaries, the first one being the renting of their service is free of access for all individuals, companies or organization who can purchase it. No ultra-rich, multination corporation, oil company and oligarch should be able to purchase and have an army.

We would like as well to show there is an existing but blur line that makes the difference between a mercenary, a crime group or a terrorist. While we have the article 47(2) that gives us a precise definition on what is a Mercenary, we encourage this committee on the pursue to make a strong distinction between PMSC’s and terrorist groups that in conclusion, may prevent abuses and strengthen compliance with IHL and IHRL.

We believe that this tendency to associate some mercenaries to terrorist may be cause by some individuals or group that manipulates the youth by implementing delusional ideas and a false vision of reality. The most efficient way to avoid ...