UN Security Council (Intercon)


Sebastian Schaller

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Position Paper Peru

Water, the primary source of all life on earth. Despite the fact that no one would denied this quote, over 2,1 billion people don’t have direct access to clean drinking water while 4’3 billion people lack access to sanitary facilities. In 2010 the UN resolution 64/292 has set the cornerstone to achieve the goals of water for everyone; the right of drinking water has been added to the human rights. But since, the number of people short on water supply highly raised.
A part of the cause can be found in humanity threatening or poisoning there limited capacities of drinkable water in various ways. Actors, as in any other theme discussed within this committee, vary. Acts are committed by local communities due to the lack of education and other limiting factors such as possibilities to ged rid of potential threats to water purity elsewhere. On the other hand, economic or even state driven water pollution takes place in full conscientiousness....