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Delegate of Germany in the committee of the European council.

TOPIC : The future of EU-China economic relations.

European Union is the greatest economic partner of China and Chia is the second greatest economic partner of EU. Economics exchanges reaches one billion euros per day.

Germany is the greatest economic power of European Union and has a special relationship with China. China’s market is very important for them since the economic growth of China, launched by the president Deng Xiaoping during the 90’s. China is a market of more than 1 billion consumer.

The main problems concerning this topic are :

  • The BRI (Belt and road initiative), EU’s members have to set a collective and unique strategy, it’s a important importunity and it can reaffirm the multilateralism

  • Both sides (China and EU) have to set a fair competition for companies, especially concerning EU’s companies in China. This include the respect of international trade rules of WTO.

  • Try to restore the trade balance, grow up the “Made in EU in China” and to be less dependant of China’s supply.

  • Support free exchange

  • Define the EU’s position in the US/CHINA Trade war