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Pieter Rots

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Position paper

Committee: European Council

Country: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Presented by: Pieter Rots, Sancta Maria Lyceum, Netherlands

Topics: Reforming the Dublin Regulation and the future of EU-China economic relations

Reforming the Dublin Regulation


It has already been seven years since the first refugees from the Middle-East and Africa risked their life’s by crossing the Mediterranean to build a better life in Europe. As the violence got worse, more and more migrants decided to leave their home countries to the point that over a million migrants have landed the European shores. Their welcome hasn’t always been so warm, Europe got increasingly plagued by division and polarization. Right winged nationalism rose, and people lost faith in their traditional governments.

In an attempt to find an answer to what to do with all those migrants, in 2014 the old-fashioned Dublin regulation underwent a major refresh. Six years and hundreds of thousands of refugees later the given answer appears to not be entirely the correct solution for all the different problems arising from this massive floorer.

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