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Megan A. Waldmeier

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PIMUN 2019

International Camber of Commerce Russia

Delegate: Megan A. Waldmeier, University of Zurich

Topic A:  Enhancing Internet Governance to develop Digital Trade

Russian national laws set an example in trade facilitation as they offer an approach trough high tax free values of goods imported trough Cross Border Commerce, mostly trading with China. To further enhance this process, the disintegration of non tariff trade barriers as well as digital payment systems trusted by customers are important matters to be discussed within the ICC.

The challenge of building consumers trust on E-commerce should not alone be faced trough a centralized establishment but also with a focus on a societies particular needs and therefore should contain national or even regional bodies granting everyone even chances. Within matters as broad digital know-how distribution as well as a funding system for digital infrastructure and cyber security must be discussed.

As digital trade in Russia is at fast pace, it acknowledges the importance of rules for online growth, focussing on growth speed and an eye onto how different limiting factors to it such as infrastructure and expertise should be dealt with and leveled. In governmental but also private environments. To secure a possible case to case decision considering a societies culture and moral concepts, the importance of national framework can’t be neglected. As experienced, a nationally accessible and run website, as a second step supervised by a general body, can work as a trust builder for yet developing countries in the digital world. Apart from that, an educational program covering the digital world as such as well as how to secure international, digital payments.

With an ongoing growth of data worldwide, mechanisms on an international scale to regulate cross border data flows, included within the national framework of every country cannot be left untouche...

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