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Active measures to protect NGO sectors, journalists and activists in conflict zones

In 2017 alone, 158 major incidents of violence against humanitarian 

operations occurred in 22 countries, affecting 313 aid workers. Over 2 million 

in this world are still residing in conflict areas and are in dire need of 

humanitarian aid. There is a continuos increase of conflict zones (such as 

Syria and Yemen) and this influx in violence has resulted in the increment of 

refugees fleeing for their lives as millions of citizens have to flee from war, 

violence and persecutions. The need for non-governmental organisations in 

these conflict zones in order to help these citizens is critically needed. NGOs 

have developed a wide range of conflict prevention and resolution activities 

including monitoring conflict and providing early warning of new violence; 

opening dialogue between adversarial parties; playing a direct mediating 

role; and helping to strengthen the rule of law and democratic processes in