SOCHUM - Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs (GA3)


Öykü Özlav

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COMMITTEE: SOCHUM – Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs (GA3)

COUNTRY: Netherlands

DELEGATE: Öykü Özlav, Çanakkale Koleji

Topic A: Modern and inclusive development for people with disabilities.

The world bank estimates over 15 per cent of the world’s population have disabilities, which means there are 1.5 million people with disabilities on the planet. It is a significant population. 80 per cent of people with disabilities live in developing countries. UNICEF estimates that 90 per cent of children with disabilities are less likely to attend school thus less employment offers and less productivity in adulthood. Disability may increase the risk of poverty, and poverty may increase the risk of disability. People with disabilities and their families are more likely to have economical and social disadvantages thus poverty may lead to the onset of a health conditions associated with disability.We know that education can break the cycle of disrimination and poverty. We also know that jobs create empowerment for families and brings dignity and respect. This is also a case for people with disabilities. We think these are just some of the issues that suggest the importance of wh...