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Country : Republic of Germany

Committee : United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Delegate : Arinta Permata Anita

Topic A : Combating the Financing of Armed Militias in Latin America


With money serves as the oxygen for both licit and illicit activity, the existence of armed militias will last as long as they have funding. Additionally, with the presence of armed militias, it contributes to the high crime rate in Latin America, where an estimated 15 percent of the GDP is lost to violence, illegal trafficking, and financial crime annually. Not only that they create higher crime rate, their movements lead to instability of security and affects cash flow in some region. Thus, as an implementation of A/RES/55/25, it is important to break the chain of financing armed militias in order to immobilize them.

            Since money laundering and corruption has been main reasons for armed militias to get their funding, Germany sees a growing threat to society from trans-organized crime. With that, Germany is engaged in international efforts to diminish those factors from the organized crime financing, where its banking group and public-law institution, known as the KfW, committed to participate in international efforts to combat money laundering, the funding of terrorist, and criminal activities[1]especially in Latin America. Even though the drug policy of Germany is considered as lenient, the government is currently reducing the activities on drug supply aiming to prevent illegal trafficking of illicit substances with the focus on organized crime and money laundering. Moreover, align with EU countries, Germany focus on enforcing its laws and actively cooperates with UNODC and the Intern...