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Topic A : Addressing the Gender-related Digital Divide

Google Inc believes that every person in the world should have the ability of getting access to Information and Communications Technology and sees the exposure of the internet worldwide as a global challenge that we all should strive for.
Being aware of the phenomenon called ‘Digital Divide ‘ ,Google sees the importance of emphasizing the inequality In the digital world for both gender-related topics and also for the gap between developing and developed countries , because when developing countries are not exposed to ICTs ,the gender-related gap is still irrelevant for them.
In the developed countries, the proportion of households with Internet access at home is twice as high as in developing countries, and in the world’s 47 least-developed countries (LDCs), Internet uptake is very low and four out of five individuals (80 per cent) are not yet using the Internet . [1]
representing 2/3 of the population residing in developing countries ,4 billion people from developing countries are still offline. [2]
Talking about Gender-related Digital Divide ,t
he proportion of women using the Internet is 12% lower than the proportion of men using the Internet worldwide ,making 250 million fewer women online globally than men. [3]