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Sofia Gilardini
United Kingdom

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Protection of NGOs, journalists and activists in conflict zones

Working as a journalist in a conflict zone is a demanding, dangerous but essential job. Journalists and activists in such zones are often subject to violence and intimidation; posing a serious challenge to Member States - we are called upon to protect them, whilst ensuring national boundaries are not crossed.

Kazakhstan recognises the importance of engaging NGOs in developing projects directed at dealing with destructive conflicts and thus the Kazakhstan government supports increased state financing in this realm of NGO activity in an effort to aid their protection. To this end, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society provided grants to NGOs accounting to more than 2.4 million USD.

Kazakhstan is proud to be a democratic and free country, believing stability in this democratic society is based on a system of social partnership which harmonises the interests of different social groups. Kazakhstan believes the state plays the central role in the introduction of this process, and, while acknowledging the desperate need for NGO protection in conflict zones, warns of the potential dangers to stability NGOs are to have if their power is not controlled. Thus, Kazakhstan has recently proposed a new law for NGOs, whereby governmental authorities have the power to rescind official registration of organisations which undermine the integrity and authority of institutions which are the foundations of Kazakhstan’s peaceful and funct...