G 20
European Union


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Committee: G20

Country: European Union

Delegate: Samyam Acharya, ETH Zurich

Topic A: Ensuring food security and food supply through the cooperation of States and Organisations

At the start of this Millennia, the countries of the world promised one another that fighting and eliminating world hunger would become our number one priority. Therefore, that promise was enshrined in the first Millennium Development Goal: “to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger”. However, with 870 million people around the globe who do not have access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food we still are far from reaching that goal.  With an ever growing global population, a changing climate and increasing food prices, it is significant that we act quickly, efficiently and together.

Since 2009, the EU has been actively involved in the “Scaling up Nutrition” (SUN) movement to bring together countries and donors to boost their commitment to improve nutrition. This initiative aims to respond to the high levels of under-nutrition worldwide. Until now we have financially supported vulnerable regions such as Africa and South Asia with more than 50 million dollars.3

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