Linus Boll

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Position Paper of Linus Boll (ETH Zurich)

Representing the Republic of Ghana

In United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

On the topic of Combating the Financing of Armed Militias in Latin America


Armed Militias in Latin America are far from being a local threat. Having recognized the close ties, by which these groups are connected to international criminal organizations and networks of drug trafficking, the Republic of Ghana welcomes innovative and well-aimed measures targeting at gaining control over the financing of armed militias. Trading, farming and shipping drugs is a major source of income for these groups. While the drugs are largely delivered and consumed in North America and Europe, the trafficking activities of armed militias from Latin America do also affect the countries of West Africa. Specifically, West African ports are headed for in order to redirect and distribute the drug flows from Latin America.[1]Internationally, these drug flows are hard to monitor seeing as many parties are involved in several countries. Environmental crime, as another source of income, remains prominent due to the fact that the legal framework addressing this problem is often loose and law-enforcement barely takes place. Besides that, money laundering activities are another major source of funding for armed militias.1