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Taking measure to improve sanitation and access to drinking water in LEDCs

The lack of safe sanitation as well as the access to clean drinking water throughout the world is a continuously growing issue as the population increases and the socio-economic situation of less economically developed countries barely improves. Tackling this issue is of utmost importance, for access to drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right. In addition, those that do not have access to drinking water are often faced with other problems that lessen their opportunities for growth, making them unable to expand to their full potential. The lack of clean water and safe sanitation has become so immense, that more than a billion humans do not have access to clean water, over 50% lack adequate sanitation and at least three to four million people die due to water related diseases. Hence, the UN must take further action to tackle this ongoing issue effectively.

The UN has passed several resolutions on drinking water and sanitation, whereas the most recent General Assembly Resolution was unanimously adopted in December of 2016. This resolution called for a water action decade, “to commence on World Water Day, 22 March 2018, and terminate on World Water Day, 22 March 2028”. This second water decade, after the “International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade” from 1981–1990, focusses on the integrated management of water supplies and resources, with the aim to achieve social, economic, and environmental objectives. As well, the sixth UN sustainability goal “Clean water and sanitation” comes with eight objectives, most of which to be completed by 2030;

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