G20 - Group of Twenty


Amelia Nykvist

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Committee: Group of 20 (G20)

Country: Australia

Delegate: Amelia Nykvist

School: Strothoff International School Frankfurt

Topic 1: Taking measure to improve sanitation and access to drinking water in LEDCs

Access to clean water and sanitation has been considered a basic necessity in More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC’s), though it has often been overlooked by these MEDC’s in regards to the access thereof in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC’s). This, along with other fundamental aspects which constitute the growth of a nation and also the growth of the standards of living conditions which are deemed acceptable has often been overlooked. This is a crucial matter of neglect which both Australia and its delegation have allowed to go unheeded over the past decades. This disregard and fail to take necessary action has resulted in what could well be the deaths of millions and the cause of leaving even more below the basic standard of what would be considered clean, drinking water and basic sanitary conditions in LEDC’s, and e...