Tia Wakim

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Committee: UN Women                                                    

Topic: Fighting the use of Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War.     

Country: Norway                                                                                                                       


 Each and every day, sexual viciousness is utilized as a weapon or a strategy of war. Abusive behavior at home increments as strains develop and Women are constantly uncovered in conflict. Be that as it may, brutal fanatics regularly target ladies explicitly, as a feature of their strategy. The challenges are monstrous: lacking assurance components, insufficient standard of law and frail legal frameworks, poor administrations for survivors, belittling of exploited people and observers of sexual orientation-based savagery, auxiliary separation, financial and social imbalances, just to refer to a couple. For these reasons and more, Norway urges all nations of this distinguish committee to address this topic with a will to change this reality and find adequate solutions.


On a national level, Norway has addressed this topic in a very serious manner. The government believes that without full and powerful support of ladies at all dimensions of basic leadership, we won't most likely forestall and react to struggle related sexual brutality productively.

Just as any Nordic country,we endeavor to expand the quantity of ladies conveyed to worldwide tasks, in light of the fact that a different team conveys better on the ground. We train all our personnel to guarantee that the individuals who are endowed with individuals' lives can in reality be trusted. Also, we have contributed a few specific SGBV police groups to UNPOL activities. Nevertheless, we work to guarantee that exploited people are heard, that pardon for sexual wrongdoings isn't acknowledged.

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