G20 - Group of Twenty
Russian Federation


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COMMITTEE: Group of Twenty

TOPICS: Taking measure to improve sanitation and access to drinking water in LEDCs / Integrating renewable energy in end-use applications, into infrastructure, transport and industry

COUNTRY: Russian Federation

DELEGATE: Ceren Sıla Avsan, Çanakkale Koleji

I.Taking measure to improve sanitation and access to drinking water in LEDCs

The realization of the scale, magnitude, and complexity of the water and sanitation problem at the global level has compelled international agencies and national governments to increase their resolve to face the challenge. There is extensive evidence on the independent effects of urbanicity and wealth status on access to water and sanitation services in LEDCs. However, our understanding of the joint effect of urbanicity and wealth on access to water and sanitation services across spatio-temporal scales is nascent.

Access to improved water and sanitation are fundamental human rights and basic to the health of every person, nonetheless many people around the world do not have access to these basic needs. People who are deprived of access to improved water and sanitation services face diminished opportunities to realize their potential. Unimproved drinking water and sanitation are the world's second biggest killer of children. Approximately 10,000 people die every day from water- and sanitation-related diseases, and thousands more suffer from a range of debilitating illnesses. Access to improved water sources and improved sanitation significantly reduce water-borne diseases.

In 1976, the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements launched the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade (1981–1990), which provided recommendations for urgent action on programmes to raise th...

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