UNIDO (Intercon)


Autumn Groat
United States

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Water is an integral part of life on earth.  Without water, life would be nonexistent.  Furthermore, water affects every aspect of life, including: health, equality, economy, development, security, and world peace.  Seeing this it is easy to understand the importance of water, how much more the importance of transboundary water supplies.  Water shared between nations can either draw them together in cooperation or rip them apart through war.  As populations around the world and water levels decrease, transboundary water will become more and more of an issue.  

Sweden is a small country that shared four different water supplies with other nations.  In Sweden, we recognise that water is at the heart of the developmental and sustainability issues.  We believe it is the right of all humanity to have reliable access to clean water.  Therefore, we have been heavily involved in the international community working to solve the water crisis and prevent an even bigger one.  

Sweden has supported the very influential organisation SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute).  SIWI s...