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Lukas Granrath

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Lukas Granrath PIMUN 2019

United Nations Republic of Rwanda

Repubulika y'u Rwanda

République du Rwanda

Policy Statement

Committee: African Union Executive Council

Topic: Fostering the emergence of a strong local private sector for sustainable continental socio-economic development

Submitted by the Republic of Rwanda

In the recent past, the Republic of Rwanda had suffered unimaginable catastrophes which destroyed the economy of Rwanda, but today Rwanda has one of the fastest-growing and most sucessful economies in Africa. The people of Rwanda proved in the last 20 years that a capable and hardworking population can overcome all economical crisis. The Republic of Rwanda is willing to help the other nations of the African continent to be as sucessful as Rwanda. We will share our knowledge in this committee.

In 2000, the Government of the Republic of Rwanda established the Vision 2020 program. This program was an important part of the successful development of Rwanda´s economy and focused on the private sector. The responsibles already realized in the late 1990s that a strong private sector is the key to prosperity and development.

One of the biggest challenges for both, Rwanda and the whole African continent, is the high percentage of young people in the population. Altough...