UN Security Council (Intercon)
Bolivia, Plurinational State of


Marc Philippe

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Global intercon topic: Adapting transboundary water governance to rising global environmental challenges.

Building a framework to foster negotiations on water management: creating an international method and dealing with security issues on the long term.

Never, since the beginning of our time, have human kind faced such a global menace, threatening not only some countries, or some part of the world, but humanity and the entire wildlife as a whole. Global warming, and the additional destruction our society brings with it, can no longer be ignored. Every country, and every individual is concerned. And if not the rise of sea level, if not the extinction of certain species, or even the disappearance of our forests, concerns every individual, one subject does. Water, and more precisely, access to water. It is the base of life, and no sustainability, in any system, can thrive without it.

With temperatures rising, and worldwide population increasing, more and more water is needed, although global reserves of soft water are reducing every year. This phenomenon will create, if not dealt with, one of the worst international humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. Indeed, it is predicted that by 2050 over four billion people will...