Korea, Republic of


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Committee: ECOSOC

Country: Republic of Korea

Delegate: Milena Braeutigam, Maastricht University 

Topic I: National sovereignty and foreign direct investment in Africa

The Republic of Korea, also known as South Korea has gained its independence in 1948. Even though after the end of the second World war, Korea was counted as one of the poorest countries in the world, it now belongs to the tiger economies (Auswärtiges Amt, n.d.). 

Therefore, the Republic of Korea would like to share its experience with a quickly growing economy with the African countries. During the cold war, Africa was of less importance for the ROK. However, the vision of a ‘global Korea’ has motivated the Republic to act as a bridge between the developing and industrial countries. In 2006 Korea has introduced the ‘Korea-African forum’ to stress the importance of Korean-African relationships.  Additionally, in 2006 the Republic of Korea announced the ‘Korea's Initiative for Africa's Development’ and tripled its official development assistance for Africa. On the 4th Korea-African forum the ‘Korea-Africa Framework of Cooperation 2017-2021’ was founded. The ROK announced its cooperation with African countries in the fields of economic cooperation, human resources, science and technology, youth development and women’s empowerment and cooperation on peace and security. Just recently Korea has invested $5 billion dollars in the African economy. The goal is to develop rural areas, enrich manpower, tackle climate change and build...