Security Council


Or Shahaf

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Committee: Security Council

Country: Germany

Delegate: Or Shahaf, Tel-Aviv University (TAUMUN)

Topic 1: Yemen - Rethinking approaches to reaching political stability

Germany grieves deeply the torment of the Yemenis civilians and is determined to support alleviating the humanitarian crisis – the worst in the world. Germany focuses on humanitarian aid and diplomacy to resolve the conflict.

As part of this policy, Germany consistently provides significant aid. Most recently, it pledged 100 million euros for the UN’s Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan budget in 2019, and is thus the second largest bilateral donor from outside the region.[1] Germany has also supported various initiatives to resolve the crisis, including UN SC Resolution 2452 that establishes the United Nations Mission to Support the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA). The Federal Cabinet further agreed to send a few unarmed soldiers and police to oversee the ceasefire.[2]

Germany’s ambassador to Yemen, Hansjörg Haber, has praised his country’s diplomacy saying,[3] “I think – and Yemeni interlocutors regularly confirm – that Germany enjoys a lot of soft power in Yemen because we were never an interested party and are consistent in offering assistance to Yemen. […] We need to find ways to use this soft power to support the UN-led process for conflict resolution.”

Controversially, Germany also issued an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia and later extended it to other belligerents involved in striking civilian targets, including the United Arab Emirates,