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Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Country: Romania

Delegate: Jakob Bechtolsheim, Maastricht University

Topic: Global security and collective defense


Joined in 2004, Romania belongs to one of the youngest members of the NATO. Since that date, NATO was, is, and will remain a key strategic priority for Romania, and thus we do support our full support and plead for its maintenance – especially in times of political instability and disagreement within and between the U.S. and western Europe. NATO has successfully been the anchor for European and global security in the past decades, thereby proving to be a indispensable requirement for current and future challenges that threaten us and our partners.

Without any doubts, our though constructed organization, faces a precarious era of known but also unperceived threats which constitute great challenges for our common defense apparatus. The core threats, that pose great challenges from the outside, appear remain the same: an overly aggressive Russia wishing to expand its sphere of influence both in eastern Europe as...