European Parliament


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Committee: European Parliament
Country: GUE/NGL, European United Left & Nordic Green Left
Delegate: Jean-François REST, Audencia Business School
Topic: Developing the European Neighborhood Policy and the Pre-Accession Assistance

                The GUE/NGL is a political group of the European parliament composed of various alternative left parties from across the EU. For the Group, the current form of the EU does not put the people as its top priority and the Group deems crucial to promote equal rights for women and men, the enforcement of human rights and liberties as well as Anti-Fascism and anti-racism. All of those are linked to the question of the European Neighborhood Policy and the Pre-Accession Assistance, in which the Group deeply believes in.

                The GUE/NGL believes the current form of the ENP that aimed for a “Ring of Friends” has turned it into a “Ring of Fire”[1]. The Group supports a forward-looking enlargement policy; the EU has what it takes to make a radical impact on the lives of the people in neighboring countries. The current market-oriented logic of competition between the EU and other countries is a nuisance that hurts the general well-being and development. Recent events have shown that the EU cannot deal with the troubles all around itself: the Ukrainian war to the East, the migration crisis t...