Korea, Republic of


Karenina Aurielle

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Committee        : World Health Organization

Country            : Korea, Republic of

Delegate           : Karenina Aurielle, Brawijaya University

Topic                : Addressing Issues of Mental Health in Areas of Conflict


Natural disasters, armed conflict, and other hazards affect millions of people around the world. They can result in emergency situations involving large-scale injury and death, disease, and disrupted economic, political, health, and social institutions. During conflicts and emergencies, mental health requires special consideration. But in most parts of the world mental health was largely neglected or ignored since mental health has an awful stigma attached to it.

South Korea has always been advanced in its work ethic and technology breakthroughs. But in our country, there is no such thing as a mental health problem. Mental illness is not considered as something that could and should be openly discussed. This situation resulting in South Korea has the second largest suicide rate in the world and 80 percent of it happens due to depression. However, South Korea has already brought awareness to the issue by introducing the National Youth Healing Center and The Youth Health Programme.<...

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