United Nations Human Rights Council


Muhammad Hanif

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Committee      : United Nations Human Rights Council

Country          : Australia

Delegate          : Muhammad Hanif Adhiperdana, University of Brawijaya

Topic Area A  : Protecting and Promoting the Freedom of Expression in the Cyberspace

The issue of freedom of expression in the cyberspace is considered a complex matter. The invention of Internet enables people to exercise basic rights such as participation in politics as well as social & economic development. For example, public uprisings prompted authoritarian States such as Egypt to implement heavy censorships on press and media in an effort to silence the protests against corruption and social injustice[1]. Even though, there have been attempts from OHCHR to strike a negotiation[2], the Egyptian Government continues to be adamant towards their stances on media censorship.

As one of the most highly-ranked democracies, Australia has maintained its commitment to uphold the values in the Article 18 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Government through Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) has developed a multi-layered content filtering and if the content is serious, Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will take over and cooperate[3]. In addition, the 2011 Evidence Amendment Act protects the rights of anyone active in the publication of news in any medium and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) holds the responsibility to data protection[4].

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