Historical - Peace of Westphalia
Gerhard Coch


Kenzie Janssens

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Committee: Historical – Peace of Westphalia

Role: Gerhard Coch, delegate of the Hanseatic cities

Delegate: Kenzie Janssens, Royal Military Academy

An introduction to Gerhard Coch and the history of the Hanseatic cities before the Peace of Westphalia 

History of the Hanseatic cities:

The Hansa were a collective of towns and cities in Northwestern Europe (Flanders, the Netherlands, Northern Germany) and in the Baltic states and Scandinavia, located near the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. These cities were economically powerful and therefore formed an economic and political alliance in 1456, called the Hanseatic League. It was at that time that their power reached the summit. During the following decades, the League lost its power due to the rising nationalism of the Northern European states to protect their own trade and due to the German territorial states exerting pressure on some Hanseatic towns, causing them to l...

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