United Nations Human Rights Council


Ron Ben Dov

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 Model United Nations (EuroMUN) 2019

Position Paper for the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)


Delegation of Kyrgyzstan represented by Ron Ben Dov (Tel Aviv University)

Topic A: Protecting and Promoting the Freedom of Expression in the Cyberspace

Kyrgyzstan is considered ‘an island of democracy’ among the Central Asia countries[1], and with that to have a strong connection to tradition and religion[2]. We try to find the balance between these two values.

Kyrgyzstan believes one has the Right to express himself, as long as he does not unjustly harm anyone's reputation and well-being, and moreover as long he does not harm the stability of the state. Therefore, there are no general limits on the online network, and each can use it to gain information and to say his opinion about it.[3]

Kyrgyzstan suffered from assassination of its leaders and bloody riots by extremist, back in 2006, and have been nearly civil war at 2010[4]. Today, we stand at peaceful times, and this is because we do not let extremist express themselves, because violence might occur. 

Unfortunately, reckless individuals violate their right for expression by distributing dangerous lies about the government and other leaders, putting at risk our country prosperity and stability. Because of that, we enacted the 'Law on Counteracting Extremist Activities'

We had activated this law when the news agency 'Ferghana Ne...