United Nations Human Rights Council


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Committee: United Nations Human Rights Council

Country: Rwanda

Delegate: Parissa Rahimian, Bucerius Law School

Topics: A. Protecting and Promoting Freedom of Expression in the Cyberspace 

             B. Human Trafficking with a focus on child prostitution and sex tourism 


A. Protecting and Promoting Freedom of Expression in the Cyberspace


The past decades have witnessed the rapid proliferation of internet access and popularization of social media platforms. Simultaneously, new challenges arouse with regard to quality and reliability of shared information on these platforms.  We are especially sensitized to the danger of media as a tool of war and manipulation as this was a main precondition for the Rwandan genocide in 1994, which resulted in an estimated 800.000 casualties.[1]The conflict between the ethnic groups in our country was severely deepening by hate propaganda through media.[2]

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