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Committee : World Health Organization

Country : Germany

Delegate : Fajri Nur Amin Basyeban, Universitas Indonesia

Topic : Addressing Issues of Mental Health in Areas of Conflict

Conflict and violence disrupt the stability of mental health of human being because it has catastrophic effect on the health and well being. Therefore, Mental health has emerged as one of the most prominent concerns for Public Health. particularly since this issue has already been included in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3.4 which aims to promote mental health and well-being. However, there has been slight attention paid to mental health role in conflict areas because the recovery is prone to provide social and financial support as well as physical health but the mental health problem is being put aside so it remains invisible. It can be seen from the growing number of people that suffer from mental distress due to experiencing conflict environment for instance, nearly 1.8 million adults - 45 % of Kashmir’s adult population suffered conflict-related trauma, according to report by Médecins Sans Frontières 2015. Beside, the deficit number of psychiatrist due to...