European Parliament


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Committee: European Parliament 

Party: ALDE


Delegate: Mats-Ole Maretzke, Ostfalia

Topic: Developing the European Neighborhood Policy and the Pre-Accession Assistance 



With the European Neighborhood Policy, the European Union offers political collaboration with southern and eastern neighboring countries. That means the mutual interests are the base of the relationship.[1]The goal is to promote values like democracy and civil liberties, accompanied with the opportunity of transposing reforms through funds.[2]Believing in expanding human rights and free trade, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) has always been in favor of accessing new Member States. In addition, the ALDE group is the opinion that new Member States are important for the success of the European Union itself.[3]


 First of all, the ALDE Group supports the idea of integrating the Balkan countries with the “enlargement strategy”.[4]That is why the group encourages the countries to take another step forward in terms of meeting all criteria needed for an accession, since they would be heavily welcome in the EU.