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WTO: Sweden - Combating Digital Piracy

1. Topic Background:

Digital Piracy is the illegal act of duplicating, copying, or sharing a digital work without the permission of the copyright holder and hat is a violation of the copyright laws.

It grew out of computer hacking and those hackers in the 1970s meant, that computer informations should be shared and openly accessed. At the start it was about hardcopies of computer software and games, nowadays illegal up- and downloads from the internet. Due to the fact that the amount of illegal activities in this area was rising, experts divided that topic into the three main issues: music piracy (e.g., song recording), video piracy (e.g., movies or television shows) and software piracy (e.g., computer programs and games).

All of that leads to a loss of billions of dollars worldwide (Morris and Higgins 2009). Also there are many other risks that should be kept in mind whilst downloading illegal content. At first there is to me...

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