Tony Boon

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Tony Boon, St. Michaël College

Topic I: Sustainable Uses for Nuclear Energy


Introduction: Ecuador is a country without its own nuclear power plant. In 2016, 76% of it’s energy consumption was produced by oil.[1] However, Ecuador is debating whether to go for sustainable energy or  nuclear energy. Ecuador has been an IAEA member since 1958.

Position: Whilst countries should join forces in fighting climate change, it is important to note that Ecuador is very dependent of its petroleum resources, accountable for one third of Ecuador’s export earning is 2017.[2] However, ten years ago, Ecuador has signed  a nuclear cooperation agreement (henceforth referred as NCA) with Russia’s Rosatom to develop a nuclear program. Ecuador has been an IAEA member since 1958. Rubén Barreno Ramos, Ecuador’s vice-minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, has acknowledged the contribution peaceful nuclear applications has had to the economic, scientific and technological development of the country. Ecuador’s nuclear technology is coming from Russia, as an aftermath of the NCA signed in 2009.